What is OhMyGrid?

OhMyGrid is a grid-format wall decoration that makes your walls pop and your friends say "OMG!"

1. You choose an image from our collections, or upload your own.

2. You decide how large you want it. For example, 6 pages wide by 8 pages high.

3. We custom print your image, and ship it to you.

4. You assemble your OhMyGrid on the floor, and hang it on the wall.

This 30 second video is a great summary.

This 1 minute video explains assembly.


How does pricing work?

It's simple!  You pay per page.  Here are the prices per page:

Matte Glossy Premium
4x4 grid $1.30 $1.80 $2.17
6x6 grid $1.13 $1.57 $1.89
8x8 grid $1.03 $1.42 $1.71

The price is calculated automatically at checkout.


How do the page sizes work? 

Each piece of the grid is a "page" or a "sheet".  The options are:

Landscape - 11" wide by 8.5" tall
Portrait - 8.5" wide by 11" tall
Square - 8.5" wide by 8.5" tall
Custom - input your preferred dimensions in inches (min 4" max 11")


What are the paper types?

Premium - durable and water-resistant synthetic paper, which is the preferred substrate for OhMyGrid
Glossy - professional photography paper with a shiny finish
Matte - professional photography paper with no finish

Where is OhMyGrid available?

We ship to all 50 states in the US.

What image can I use for my OhMyGrid?

You can choose an image from our collections, or upload your own image.

How long will it take to ship my OhMyGrid?

Every single OhMyGrid is custom printed for you, so be patient folks!  Most orders are shipped out within 2 business days, though it's possible that an order will take up to 5 business days, depending on our capacity.  After we ship the product, it's in the hands of the shipping carrier which will take another couple of days.

How do I assemble an OhMyGrid?

Follow this link for assembly instructions 

Follw this link to see How It Works or this link to the instructions pdf.

Do I also need to buy the connectors?

No - each OhMyGrid includes connectors.  For example, a 5 by 7 page grid is 35 total pages.  The package will include 35 connectors.

Can I buy the connectors separately and print my own grid?

Yes, here is the link to the CONNECTORS ONLY.  Note that you will have to punch 1/8" holes in the corners of all pages, 1/2" from each edge.  If you're in the mood for a project, go for it!

What images can I make into an OhMyGrid?

The only limit is your imagination! Please use images that you have permission to use. See Terms of Use for more information.

What size do the images need to be?

The higher the resolution, the better!  Smartphone photos are high-resolution, and look great as OhMyGrids.

Where can I find high resolution images?

1. You can upload your own photos,
2. Browse our curated catalog, or
3. Find free images on websites like these: Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay 

What if I'm an artist interested in selling my artwork on OhMyGrid.com?

Drop us a line! Contact Us

What does OhMyGrid offer for teachers?

Find out here