Artist creates Trump poster with a bold prediction!

Trump 2024


A digital artist has created a Trump 2024 campaign poster with a bold message. The poster has Trump's illustrated head suspended in the sky with sunbeams around him, similar to depictions of Jesus Christ. The text says "2024: In the fourth year He rose again". Note that the 'H' in 'He' is capitalized, as if Trump were divine. Some say that the entire poster is sacrilegious, while Trump supporters generally don't mind or even embrace the comparison to the Lord and Savior. For obvious reasons, the artist remains anonymous.


Trump 2024 6x6 OhMyGrid

Donald Trump currently dominates the 2024 Republican presidential primary field. If Trump were to win the presidency after 2 impeachments and a loss to Joe Biden, it would be the most incredible resurrection in the history of American politics.

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Trump has yet to announce that he's running for the Republican nomination for 2024, but it's widely believed that the announcement is inevitable.  Although he did in fact lose the 2020 election, the race against Biden was very close. Slightly more votes in 2 or 3 key swing states could have pushed the election in Trump's favor.  Some political observers believe that if Trump had handled the COVID-19 crisis differently, he would have served two consecutive terms.

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The poster is available for sale here in 4 different sizes starting at $9.99.

Trump 2024 OhMyGrid