Starry Night - Grayscale Outline


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Starry Night - Grayscale Outline

This grid makes for a collaborative and fun classroom activity! 

Give each student a single page to color with blue swirls, however they like.  The light gray lines provide a template, so the designs line up well.  Each page will be unique, but together they will form a creative version of Starry Night!

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  • Includes mounting kit and connecting pieces

4 by 4 grid (16 pages) - $29.99
5 by 5 grid (25 pages) - $44.99
6 by 6 grid (36 pages) - $59.99
7 by 7 grid (49 pages) - $79.99

**The grid is made of high quality matte 8.5"x11" photo paper - perfect for crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paint**

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